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Outstanding Weather Performance

Defy the elements with the most extensive offering of SBS roofing systems available from one manufacturer. Even in the most punishing coastal or cold-weather climates, JM SBS systems offer the strength and security of multiple ply roofing with a variety of roof assemblies that fulfill the FM Global wind uplift ratings needed in high velocity wind zones.

Combine our heavy-duty steel fasteners, durable insulation, proven modified bitumen with high-quality application methods to get exceptional performance in high wind conditions. Be confident in systems developed in the United States with a deep understanding of American climate zones. And enjoy shorter lead times on SBS systems manufactured in more U.S. facilities than other suppliers.

With products from the roof deck to the membrane, JM can provide full SBS systems that meet your extreme weather needs in nearly any situation.

Let’s discuss your roofing needs and how JM SBS systems can work for you.

Thickest Products in the Industry

As with any form of protection from the elements — from clothing to lumber to insulation — greater thickness in roofing membranes is often recognized as being more durable and providing greater resistance to moisture, wind and temperature fluctuations.

JM is dedicated to producing the industry’s thickest product because we understand its importance in exceptional long-term weatherability. Our standard fiber glass-, polyester- and composite-reinforced SBS cap sheets feature greater thickness than other brands for extreme weather performance.

Field Thickness

Selvedge Thickness

Systems Designed for Wind Uplift

JM offers many system options with excellent wind uplift resistance ideal for perimeter and corner areas along coastal regions. We’ll work with you to identify the right technical specification to overcome the powerful forces of wind uplift through:

  • Multiple application methods
  • Multiple deck constructions
  • Eligibility for 20-year NDL guarantee
  • Wind enhanced guarantees
  • Edge metal accessories
  • FM 1-105 to over FM 1-600

Exceptional Guarantees

Beyond traditional JM guarantees for wind speeds up to 55 MPH, we can develop specialized systems and wind-enhanced guarantees for performance up to 120 MPH.

Helping Contractors in Adverse Weather



Sustainability is a major trend in commercial construction, with green building programs, standards, codes and federal mandates increasing over the last few years. Unlike other manufacturers who offer individual products, Johns Manville provides complete modified bitumen roofing systems that fulfill the sustainability requirements of these green building programs.

JM roof insulation, roof membranes and cover boards combine to create a roofing system that contains significant recycled content certified by UL Environment® while providing energy efficiency. Plus, the Green 2-Part Urethane Insulation adhesive used in bituminous systems has biobased content and emits very low levels of VOCs.

While JM has also received many U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR® ratings for roofing products that promote energy efficiency, we believe sustainability goes beyond one individual component of a roofing system, rather to the lifecycle of the roof. We believe the longer a roof lasts, the less environmental impact it will have, which ultimately provides greater value for all of us.

Let’s discuss your roofing needs and how JM SBS systems can work for you.

Cool Roofs

Cool roofs are a critical line of defense against the transfer of radiant heat, created by sunlight, into a building’s interior. A highly reflective and emissive roofing surface with proper insulation can significantly reduce heat transfer, keeping occupants more comfortable, requiring less cooling in the summer months and reducing peak-period energy demands.

JM offers systems and products that contribute to cool roof solutions, including SBS systems with SBS CR reflective cap sheets or TopGard® coatings. Many JM products meet the cool roof standards of every rating system and can help generate significant energy savings in certain ASHRAE climate zones.

Complete and Integrated Systems

JM provides complete, sustainable roofing systems, not just isolated products. The components are designed to fit and function together as an integrated system offering:

  • High energy efficiency
  • Low VOCs
  • Renewable materials
  • Recycled content
  • No ozone-depleting chemicals
  • Durability with longer roof life, guarantees up to 20 years

Higher R-Value Options

ASHRAE revised their standard maps in 2010 to increase R-Values by up to 40 percent. JM is ready with systems that satisfy these new, higher R-Value standards.

The JM Sustainability Advantage: JM E3co.



Johns Manville has more than 150 years of experience in roofing and more than 25 in the SBS arena. We leverage this expertise to continually improve our raw materials, reinforcement mats, asphalt and polymers, and how they can be optimized to work together.

For long-term roof performance, granules must protect the underlying asphalt or other plies from harsh weathering environments. JM has optimized the critical factors that contribute to the ideal conditions for factory-applied surfacing, ensuring outstanding performance for commercial roofing membranes.

In addition, JM is dedicated to producing the industry’s thickest product to help ensure exceptional long-term weatherability. In fact, JM outperforms the competition in field thickness and selvedge thickness, providing more durability and greater resistance to moisture, wind and temperature fluctuations.

Let’s discuss your roofing needs and how JM SBS systems can work for you.

Granule Adhesion and Thickness

At JM, we are experts at understanding the variability of asphalt’s physical properties to produce formulations for consistent, real-world applications in the field that stand the test of time. We have optimized the critical factors that contribute to the ideal conditions for factory-applied surfacing, thus ensuring an outstanding performance horizon for commercial roofing membranes.

Maintaining product surfacing and granule adhesion is critical to performance in both extremely hot and cold environments. By focusing on factors like viscoelasticity, temperature and pressure control, and granule embedment, our formulations have been specifically engineered to set the standard.

Wet Scrub Test

Dry Scrub Test

The Peak Advantage Guarantee

JM backs up our roofing systems with some of the most extensive guarantees in the industry, including 10-, 15-, 20-, 25- and 30-year No Dollar Limit (NDL) guarantees, depending on the roof system. With the JM Peak Advantage® Guarantee, building owners have the promise of expert-backed assistance for the life of their agreement, including:

  • Expert installation by approved JM contractors
  • Experienced technical assistance
  • Timely issuance of all guarantee documents
  • Efficient processing of any claims or complaints
  • Prompt service from highly trained personnel

For complete information on the terms and conditions of the Peak Advantage Guarantee visit

Long-Term Support

With half a billion square feet of SBS roofing currently under guarantee, trust Johns Manville for expert support on everything from LEED-credit design consultation to certified roof inspections.

JM Outpaces the Competition


System Flexibility

As a major manufacturer of modified bitumen commercial roofing products, Johns Manville continues to make substantial investments in people, technology and application engineering support to ensure that we will be your brand of choice for all of your SBS roofing needs.

JM SBS roofing systems are more comprehensive than our competitors’ offerings and include cool roof, LEED, impact resistant, quick dry-in, multiple substrate solutions and many more. We manufacture and/or brand these complete systems and accessories for your needs:

  • Insulation
  • All Major Commercial Membrane Categories
  • Flashing Systems
  • Expansion Joints
  • Cover Boards
  • Adhesives/Fasteners
  • Edge Metal and Copings
  • Roof Drains
  • Coatings
  • Various Accessories

JM SBS roofing systems can be designed to work in almost any configuration or climate. Our team is highly educated in good roofing practices and has the backup of application engineers and other roofing specialists to help you determine the best complete JM SBS system for your needs.

Flexible Application Methods

  • Cold AppliedCold-Applied systems utilize performance adhesives and preserve indoor air quality during installation since they don’t emit asphalt fumes. Any adhesives contain only minimal levels of VOCs.
  • Hot AsphaltHot Asphalt Applied systems utilize oxidized asphalt as their bonding agent. These systems instantly create a watertight bond and increase levels of waterproofing across the entire system.
  • Heat WeldHeat Weld systems use an external heat source to create the bonds between each layer. These types of systems are immediately watertight and odor-free. While they require the propane source to be on the roof near the installation, the upside is this reduces the asphalt fumes impact on the occupants.
  • Self AdheredSelf-Adhering roofing systems need minimal equipment and install quietly. Natural heat and UV exposure cure the product to finish with little odor and virtually no impact on indoor air quality.

Unique System Solutions

  • Vegetative Roof: Vegetative roofs on buildings help reduce the environmental impact from storm water runoff and decrease carbon emissions. Underneath it all, you need a sturdy foundation of JM SBS products and experience in successful vegetative roof design and installation.
  • Solar Roof: The key to successful photovoltaic (PV) system installation is single-source integration of the roof and PV system—a JM SBS specialty. We’ll conduct a site-specific analysis of the roof, climate and location, determine its energy potential, and recommend a protective roof/PV system for your project.
  • Single Ply Hybrid Systems: When you need redundancy, JM can design a system using two layers of SBS material with a fleece-backed PVC cover. This combines the SBS system’s redundancy and additional waterproofing capabilities with the toughness and reflectivity of the JM PVC membrane.
  • SeamFree: For roofs buried under a solar or vegetative system, and ones with multiple penetrations or ponding water, SeamFree is JM’s liquid-applied roofing product. It consists of a two-part asphalt modified urethane with reinforcing scrim which creates a seamless, monolithic roofing process that can be installed over a variety of substrates.

Lower Cost of SBS

For both low- and steep-sloped roofing*, a 2005 study researching the lifecycle costs of roofing materials found that SBS surfaces cost less than the majority of other roofing products. This figure includes initial, annual maintenance and removal costs.

Life Cycle Cost Per Year

*2005 Roofing Industry Durability and Cost Survey. Proceedings of the RCI 21st International Convention.

The JM Customization Advantage

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SBS Modified Bitumen Roofing Membranes

Johns Manville is the leader in SBS roofing systems, enjoying over three decades of modified bitumen commercial roofing production experience.

We are experts at understanding the variability of asphalt’s physical properties to produce formulations for consistent, real-world applications in the field that stand the test of time. JM combines our formulation expertise with polyester, glass fiber and hybrid composite reinforcements to produce systems that exhibit tremendous strength, elasticity and weatherability.

Systems Technical Data

Find data sheets, codes, specifications, and other useful documentation by rolling over and following the links below.

Submittal Wizard™

Use the quick and simple Submittal Wizard to select the high-performance Johns Manville products you need for your next roofing project and create a submittal package.

To get started, choose between a Hot Applied, Cold Applied, Heat Weldable, or a Self-Adhered system and select the documents you need from the System Components and System Application tabs. Once you’re done, the Submittal Wizard will compile your submittal package and email you a download link for it.

SBS Modified Bitumen Roofing System — DynaWeld™/DynaGrip® SD/SA Hybrid System (2FID-SA/HW)

Due to the demand for Invinsa™ Roof Board in modified bitumen roofing systems, Johns Manville now offers a 2FID-SA/HW specification. The new hybrid specification is a two-ply SBS modified bitumen roofing system over ENRGY 3® insulation and Invinsa. It is installed using a combination of self-adhered and heat-welded application techniques.

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