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The Right Solutions at the Right Time

There are over 45 million under-insulated homes in the United States. Both homeowners and the government are eager to turn things around to save on home energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With the federal government, as well as states and counties, offering incentives to retrofit homes, the opportunities for insulation contractors and agencies have gone through the roof.

JM offers industry-leading solutions for retrofitting attics, walls, crawl spaces and more. Our products are easy to install, naturally mold and mildew resistant, and designed to offer the highest thermal effectiveness that will not degrade over the life of the home. Contractors, weatherization agencies and their customers should take comfort in knowing that they no longer need to settle for the retrofit products of the past that are difficult to install correctly, may degrade over time, offer a possible food source for mold and mildew, and require a significant amount of chemicals (as much as 20% by weight) to reduce potential fire hazards. By using Johns Manville products in your retrofit jobs, you will not only be delivering energy-efficient solutions to your customers, you will be delivering energy-efficient solutions that will last the life of the home.

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